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I licence image uses and I'm pleased to offer exhibition-grade, limited edition prints.  Please contact me for pricing and availability, including the following info in your message: image #, image/print size, use intention (for licences: print run/digital access stats, project duration, and its distribution scheme), and the delivery requirements.


I welcome new assignments and I'll be glad to search my archives for images and stories not yet featured in the Phototramp, to suit your needs. 



Most older photographs are unmanipulated transparencies, individually scanned and hand-processed in my digital darkroom prior to publishing.  Newer entries are high-resolution digital captures, processed from RAW (see Image Quality page for examples).  Prints are professionally made on matte archival photographic paper using a state-of-the-art LightJet continuous-tone, large-format laser printer.  Prints and hi-resolution image files will be timely delivered world-wide. 


Download the catalogue of featured Phototramp stock images: (7Mb PDF) or view the On-line Catalogue.



Sales/licence payments and donations supporting the Phototramp can be securely made by a credit card via Paypal ( or wire transfer.



Thank you!



All content of this website is copyright protected and may not be used without permission.  A portion of  Phototramp's profits is donated to local charitable causes at author's discretion.


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