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Phototramp is an online forum dedicated to budget-travel photojournalism.  It contains photographs and writings committed since 1999.  Please enjoy!

  Maciej Tomczak 


Selected Essays:

Burmese Maze

Crouching Tigers

China's Public Toilets...*

Tibet Too *

Balinese Cockfighting

Thai Boxing

Trainspotting in Cambodia

Cambodian Nuns

Bokor Hill Station

Asian Elephants

Laotian Funeral

UXOs in Laos

Water Buffalos

Salty Ponds

Hanging Coffins


Confessions of a Phototramp - the Manifesto...

[Appeared in January 2007 issue of PhotoLife Magazine]

The Art of Rice - illustrated essay on Yuanyang rice terraces.
[Appeared in March 2006 issue of PhotoLife Magazine]

Selected Portfolios:

Faithfully, Bali - Indonesian portfolio (including Sulawesi).
Burmese Days - Myanmar portfolio.
Sensing Morocco - a portfolio.


Picture Window Pro

LCD Monitor Calibration

All quiet on Vietnamese front - a portfolio.


PDF Catalogue (~7Mb)

On-line Catalogue

Image Quality Page


Mostly Tibet - photo-report from Tibet-Kham (Sichuan).


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